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The purpose of microblading is to enhance your eyebrows in the most natural way and not having to fill your eyebrows in on a daily basis. This treatment is customized for each individuals facial structure. Get the brows you’ve always dreamed of! Using a micro needled with custom colored pigment to create hair-like strokes to add shape and fullness to your current eyebrow. Persons can have anywhere from 0-FULL brows for this treatment. Results are noticeable immidatley, final results after 6 week touch up appointment. Note, every individual will achieve different results due to different skin types.

Microblading touch Up


this touch up is 6-10 weeks after your initial appointment 

Microblading 6 month color booste

$250.00, 100$ non refundable deposit is needed to book appointment

6 months after your initial appointment this is usually  for severely oily skin. You can not book this is its been over 6 months from initial app

Microblading yearly touch up

$400.00, 100$ non refundable deposit in needed in order to book

12 -18 months after your initial appointment, you can not book this appointment if its been over 18 months since your initial appointment.


$800 - nonrefundable/nontransferable deposit of $100 is needed in order to book

Microshading is a mixture of hair like strokes and my shading technique. This service can range anywhere from a natural makeup look to a more intense filled in look. I would recommend this service for someone who is more oily skin type, wears makeup daily, wears eyelashes/eyelash extensions daily or fills there brows in with any type of pomade daily.

This procedure takes up to 3 hours, time will vary person to person

There is very little swelling and redness and if present will subside within a couple of hours.

Healing varies person to person but usually between 7-10 days.

Microshading Touch up


This is your touch up 4-7 weeks after your initial appointment

Microshading six month color booste

$250.00, 100$ non refundable deposit is needed to book

six months after your initial appointment , usually for very oily skin

Microshading yearly touch up


12-18 months after initial touch up appointment 


$600 a nonrefunable/nontransferable $100 deposit is needed in order to book appointment

LIP POP is a semi-permeant makeup procedure that enhances the natural shape and color of your lips.

this boosts color, offers symmetry, corrects un-even lip tone, camouflages scars or hyperpigmentation and is smudge proof.

takes up to 3 hours to complete procedure, time may vary from person to person. We will find the perfect shade for your personal lip tone, pre draw the color so you can see how it will look prior to procedure.

You will get pre-numbed

receive all after-care instructions during your appointment.

You will have lip swelling for a couple hours after procedure is complete, the color you leave with will fade about 40% once fully healed.

Healing ranges from person to person the typical healing time is anywhere from 7-10 days.

Lip POP touch up


4-7 weeks after initial appointment

Lip POP 6 month color booste


6 months after initial appointment 

Lip POP yearly touch up


12 months after initial appointment 

Eyebrow Shaping wax/tweeze (no threading)

Pre-Booking $40.00 |

I give my clients the best brow for there facial structure. First I measure the clients face with a Browgeoisie technique.  This consists of finding where the eyebrow is supposed to start, arch, and end. I will then trim, wax, and tweeze the eyebrows until the shape is perfected. When process is complete we will teach our clients how to properly fill in there brows so they can achieve this look at home!

Lip Wax


Chin Wax


Sideburn Wax


Forhead Wax


Full Face Wax


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