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-For any cosmetic tattooing service a  $100 nonrefundable/nontransferable deposit is needed to book appointment date and time, if not done  appointment will not be accepted. This deposit will be credited towards your service fee the day of your appointment. 

-Balance is due the day of your procedure , cash, venmo, or card is accepted payment, be advised for card use there is a fee.


-It is required to have your touch up appointment between 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment date, or if you cancel your appointment 48 hours prior you understand that your touch up will be terminated and if rescheduled price will vary on amount of work needed.

-If appointment is canceled your deposit will be terminated and in order to rebook you will need to leave another $100 deposit , if canceled more then twice you will need to pay in full prior to your appointment and if canceled you will NOT receive a refund and you are not welcomed to make another appointment with Browgeoisie again.

If you cancel same day as your scheduled appointment you will have to still pay in full.

- To avoid unfair delays to clients there is a 10 minute late policy, if you arrive more then 10 minutes behind we will not have enough time to do procedure and your deposit will be forfeited and count as a cancellation and will have to put down another deposit in order to book again.

_ No guests allowed at your appointment, if you show up to your appointment with guests you will be kindly asked to reschedule and another deposit will be needed to book.

-If you show up to appointment with previous cosmetic tattoo without notifying prior, you might be denied as we can't guarantee we can perform procedure.


-You can not be pregnant or nursing , have had chemotherapy or radiation in the past year, have any blood disorders that you are aware of, be on antibiotics, diabetic, or if you are prone to scarring.


- We have the right to refuse service to anyone!

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