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please read in its entirety

hi everyone!

I just want to make you aware of what to expect for your appointment with me. when you arrive please stay in your car and send me a text message telling me that you are here and in the parkinglot. I will respond once I am ready for you to come on up! Once you are at the front door please knock and I will come get you. When you walk inside I will have a hand washing station so you can wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer that is available. Please do not bring up any extra belongings that are not necessary. example: sunglasses, sweaters, hats, food or drinks Ect. I will have deep cleaned everything prior to you laying own the bed. My goal is to keep everyone safe and reduce exposure as much as possible which means all conversations will have to be kept to little to none. This saddens me because I love talking to each and every one of you it truly is the best part of my job! Please don't take it personal I just need to take the highest precautions as possible since I am working so close to your face. I appreciate you more than you know and I am so happy to have you in my chair! If you need to reschedule because you are feeling under the weather please contact me, I am imuneocomprimised and am considered high risk so please keep me in mind. Temporaraly the restrooms will be closed and we will not have refreshments so please come prepare and please come wearing a MASK and ALONE. no mask no service. I know times are unpredictable right now so i will do whatever it takes to get your brows slayed until things get back to the new normal. i am so excited to see you and thank you so much for all of your support! xo


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